Tuesday, August 11, 2009

40s fashion in Poirot

I adore this Chinese hat - red on the outside, black on the inside, making black squares in the face of the wearer :) And this kimono thing is really something!

Below: they call this white romper-ish thing a 'swimsuit'! I love it.

I also love this hat, white under, black over, and the black stripe on top...
Note: they were not going to a party (just showing off their status).

Television movies/series like Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple often inspire me fashion wise. (Sadly, what inspires me from the past is mostly impossible to obtain in stores.) They are more or less recent productions, but are set to times like the 40s (when Agatha Christie wrote the novels). Here sharing with you pictures from the movie 'Evil under the sun' (1982).


CMA said...

i love these antique shots, very classic indeed

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JINX said...

G&S...grown and sexy...

Nubiasnonsense said...

Love these classic pics, And those hats are fab

Yuka said...

these images are inspiring. i love looking back at past fashions. they always seem to repeat in the present.

Sandra said...

Heia NRK! For en estetisk blogg du har:)



Midnight traveller said...

Have you seen My Fair Lady? There are some fabulous hats that you'll just die over if you love that black and white one! It's my fav movie so I may be biased. It has Audrey Hepburn in it which I think makes it even better! :-D

fashionlauncher said...

Thanks for the comments! I need to make another post asap, have been without Internet for a while.

Sandra: Takker :) Det er litt spesielt å ha vokst opp med _en_ rikskanal, gir NRK en 'nostalgi-fordel' ... ;)

Midnight traveller: thanks for the tip, i actually have not seen that movie so it is now on my list of movies to watch!

Marie-Louise said...

i love big hats!!

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