Saturday, April 11, 2009

Early 90s fashion again: Kate Moss 1995

Kate moss bazaar photoshoot Roversi
Early 90s fashion wool
Teller vogue it 1995 kate moss black and white
1990s fashion: I love the first pic, it captures the ambience of summer nights...
Model: Kate Moss, Photographers: Roversi, Teller. 1995


miky said...

this shooting is simply amazing!!!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

God she looks bloody amazing! Everytime i see her with brown hair I like her a little more.

P.S. my favorite photo is the last one!

Monika Dubska said...

waw these photos are stunning! great fashion blog :)

want to exchange links?
Monika ♥

Teenage Dirtbag said...

I love vintage kate moss!

fashionlauncher said...

Thanks for all the comments :) I'll exchange links of course!

Becky said...

i'm a bit disturbed that kate didn't look at the poor man once in these pictures. she looked like she was having a downright terrible time, and it took away from the clothing: i was looking at her face to see what bored expression she'd have next.

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battery charger said...

I love vintage kate moss!

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Kate Moss is so damn pretty. I love her in those pics. she has something special.

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