Monday, March 16, 2009

Sneak peek: spring & summer fashion 2009 / 80s earrings / a lot of me

Lovely 80s earrings. Pale pink dress with sort of puffy sleeves with buttons.

The blazer's color is sth between royal blue and royal purple. The collar is V-shaped without 'flaps'. It is silk heaven!
The shirt is so light i can barely feel it, very appropriate for hot weather. The white mini dress goes with everything. Ingenious!

This black blazer's got heavenly shoulder pads, a round collar and perfect length. Will have to show you later on.

Another pic showing my new bob haircut (will be ajusted). And another shoulder padded blouse ;)

PS, if i knew i was actually gonna post these pics in my blog i would have dusted off the mirror and tidied up in the background first. This mirror is awful btw, and i had to crouch down to get my head in the pictures ;)


sarah said...

yay for vintage pieces!

fhen said...

pale/nude colour is on the rise!
why dont you use self timer dear ? ;)

fashionlauncher said...

Thanks for comments! Agree with all of the above :)
As i wrote before, i didn't take these pics to put them in my blog (just to remember what worked out and not), so it would have been too much of a hazzle to use self timer on all the outfits i tried on! However I will take real/full outfit photos later on, hopefully outdoors. ;)

Emmy said...

loooovely vintage picks. they're all awesome!

Krystal said...

very chic! x

au revoir Camille. said...

Nice hair ;b

Ida said...

ahhh, the pale pink dress is tdf. love it!


Krystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Victoria C said...

love the vintage pieces, very cool and individual

fashionlauncher said...

Thanks again for comments :)

Sorry for neglecting the blog lately. Just busy!

AMIT said...

Good earings it is.Your pic is also good.

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